Upgrade your business to its fullest potential with the power of commercial window tinting.


Reduce glare

Window tinting keeps your workplace productivity high by removing unwanted glare caused by sun reflection on screens and monitors.

Lower your energy costs

As a continual annual investment, window tinting will save you substantial money in otherwise spent expensive electricity bills through naturally maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors. 

Stylish and modern look

With a modern, classic look, our window tinting suits any office space’s architecture and style, allowing you to select the perfect shade of film. 

Improve workplace health

Our window tinting blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, meaning you and your employees are safe from skin damage caused by the sun, which occurs all year round. 


Your business is guaranteed up to 85% heat reduction with our window films, making our services an effortless investment into cost-free, cool comfort. 

One of the best ways to help your employee’s health and comfort at work is installing window tinting in your office.

Our window films block 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your workspace, making it sun-safe during extreme Queensland weather, which remains a growing concern.

Your employees are also protected against harsh glare, making screen, and technology use a big challenge, causing an uncomfortable working environment. 

Window tinting works to maintain your comfort at work, too, by naturally moderating the internal temperature of your office through its nano-ceramic barrier, blocking up to 85% of external heat. 

The natural temperature controlling properties of tinting means you and your employees don’t need to try and fight against the heat with expensive air-conditioners costing a fortune.

Your business can expect the savings from our tinting services in 3-5 years to cover the cost of installation entirely and become a net positive investment for your company. 

We also have you covered with any privacy concerns your business may have through our services. 

To prevent unwanted peering into your office, window tinting’s one-way visibility barrier acts so that only you and your employees have visibility through our windows from the inside. 

The old method of blinds and curtains just doesn’t cut it anymore, still allowing through heat whilst requiring cleaning and maintenance. 

With our warranty-covered window tinting services, your business never has to consider the stress and cost of privacy and comfort for your employees and customers again. 

Send us a photo of your office to get a free quote in under 30 minutes on how we can help you take your business to the next level.


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