Protect your family and employees by keeping your home and workplace safe.


Home & Business

  • Security films protect your glass walls and windows and make it difficult for burglars to gain access.
  • If a window is broken, safety film holds all the shattered pieces together and prevents shards from scattering

Food Processing Plants

  • Adding safety film to all glass in food manufacturing and packaging factories removes the risk of glass entering products if a pane of glass breaks.

Schools, Day Care, and Nursing Homes

  • Kids and the elderly are two groups that are prone to falling. Installing safety film keeps broken glass from flying and scattering in the event that it breaks, which reduces the risk of cuts and injuries.

Storm Prone Areas

  • High winds, storms and severe weather increase the risk of broken glass. Adding safety films gives you that added layer of protection and reduces the risk of flying glass.

Pool Balustrades

  • Pool areas are often places where glass is easily broken. Adding safety film to the glass fencing minimizes the risk of injuries and prevents the glass from falling in the pool. You’ll be able to relax poolside worry-free.

Balcony Balustrades

  • Safety film keeps people on both sides of the glass safe. If the glass breaks, the balcony balustrade would be held together and prevent pieces from hitting pedestrians below.

Protect your home or office from all safety and privacy concerns with our specialised window tinting films. 

As a business owner, ensuring employee safety is a top priority that involves many decisions. Safety and security window films are a great, easy solution to providing a secure working environment for your whole business.

Severe weather and accidental events can lead to broken window glass, which can cause severe injury. By installing our safety and security film, you protect the longevity of your windows through its protective, transparent barrier. 

In the case of the most severe accident, the transparent film also holds the broken window together, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the window at the first sign of damage.

The binding properties of safety film further prevent glass fragments from falling on nearby surfaces and people.

Our safety window films also come in tinted shades, reducing heat and increasing privacy in your business. The benefit of installing a tinted safety film is in its one-way visibility barrier, further preventing onlookers into your office. 

In an attempted break-and-enter, the security film will block an attack by strengthening the window glass against damage, preventing it from breaking. Unlike security screens that obstruct visibility, our security films are versatile and can be applied to any glass surface. 

By installing our safety and security films, we ensure that you don’t have to compromise between safety, comfort, and style again. 

Send our team a photo of your space today for a free quote in under 30 minutes on how we can take the stress away from your safety and privacy concerns.


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