Enhance the comfort of your home and save on energy bills with specialised window tinting


Keep your home cool

Our premier window tinting films provide up to 85% of heat reduction in your home, working to maintain your desired temperature 24/7. 

Reduce your energy bill

The modulating temperature capacities of window tinting mean less costly electricity use, allowing you to put the air-conditioner aside. 

Cut glare

Sun glare is a thing of the past with window tinting through its external barrier only allowing moderated natural light through.

Protect your furniture and flooring

Further save on protecting your furniture and interior design through our window film’s ability to block 99% of harmful UV rays, which bleach and wear your valuables.

Increase home privacy

Ensure you and your loved one’s privacy is secure through window tinting by preventing the outside world from seeing into your private home.


We use only the highest quality, premium window films. Backed with a lifetime warranty, we are here for your family, always. 

Transform your home into its most comfortable, private and affordable potential with our window tinting services.

Through investing in window tinting, you prevent 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home, which poses a severe risk to your family’s health and the longevity of your valued furniture. 

The nano-ceramic film acts as a forcefield around your home, repelling unwanted glare and up to 85% external heat away from your house.

Our tint film’s dual-purpose act regulates your desired temperature in your home all year round, saving you money in rising electricity bills through less reliance on air-conditioning.

Unlike blinds that allow a 1-2 cm gap at the window, our window tinting bars external weather from entering your home, helping you maintain your comfort level within.

Typically in a 3-5 year turnover, the savings made through window tinting make back the install cost and become a continuously earning investment for the household.

Your privacy is also secured with our window tinting film, preventing neighbours from peering into your private life through a one-way visibility barrier.

You and your family can experience the privacy, comfort and freedom afforded through the power of window tinting in your home, backed with a lifetime warranty.

Send us a photo of your home to get a free quote in under 30 minutes on how we can help you achieve the home of your dreams.


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