For our clients in Slacks Creek, Logan, we performed a commercial tint on their business which went beyond just keeping out the sun.

Dual-reflective window tint achieves both cooling purposes in summer and warming in winter.

The nano-ceramic technology of the tint serves as an insulator that will maintain the temperature desired at any time of year.

The business windows were easterly facing, which meant by the time they arrived at work, it was already too warm inside to fix with the air-conditioner.

By installing the dual-reflective tint, they could begin their day in an office that maintained the cool temperatures from the night.

Our clients approached us in the summer, but it was also great to give them a product that would help them save electricity costs all year round.

Security is also crucial for our clients when inside the premises during and after work hours.

Privacy is essential, especially in busy areas which our client was.

The tint we installed is the darkest tint on the market that provides 100% privacy during the day.

Dual-reflective window tinting is perfect for high-volume businesses that need some privacy and an optimum temperature environment to achieve their day.

It was fantastic working with them and seeing the beautiful results on their window front.

With our commercial warranty, our clients are guaranteed their businesses will always keep looking and feeling their best.


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