For our clients in Kippa-Ring, North Brisbane, we provided them with greater living comfort and security in their residential home.

We installed tinting on their western-facing living room windows, enabling natural indoor lighting without glare.

The tinting further helps them save on electricity costs from relying on natural lighting sources.

Our tint also allowed our clients to enjoy privacy from the street without closing the curtains to prevent onlookers into their home.

More privacy was a particular highlight for them as it allowed them to live more freely in their own home.

We also installed tinting in their bedrooms to enjoy the early morning sun without the harsh intensity.

It was a delight helping our clients gain more enjoyment and relaxation in their home through the power of tinting.

Through our lifetime warranty, they can experience these benefits in their home for years to come.

Technical outcomes:

70% Heat rejection
74% Glare reduction
99% of harmful UV rays deflected

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