As a business, you’re always thinking of how you can improve your employees’ work-life balance.

Investing in the comfort and relaxation of your employees is a continual investment in your company.

Our clients in Cannon Hill contacted us when they decided to increase the enjoyability of their communal spaces at work.

Using wide open spaced glassing for recreation areas can allow an energetic flow of light into the room, but it can also mean the glare makes it impossible to enjoy the space.

Other additions such as TVs may become redundant if visibility isn’t possible during the day.

To maximise the anti-glare properties of the recreation room, we installed the darkest non-reflective black film tint to all exterior windows.

Our dark tint is perfect for eliminating all outside distractions when you need a peaceful, cool area to focus or relax.

Non-reflective dark tint also blends effortlessly into office and corporate spaces, providing an elevated, crisp look at any distance.

Tinting’s privacy restoration means that whilst our clients’ employees could enjoy a glare-free space, they also weren’t interrupted by outside onlooking traffic.

Our team thought it was a fantastic way to incorporate window tinting into a business that helps the employees feel more relaxed and comfortable at work.

With our warranty-covered tinting services, our clients can now forget about these previous troubles and have a more productive workplace.

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