We all have different methods for keeping the things we love in the condition we first had them.

When it comes to furniture and interior materials, we may keep many options on hand to protect them from wear and tear.

But what if there was a solution to help prevent ageing without any further action required?

We met with our clients in Kippa-Ring to see how we could help stop the ageing process of their valuables from the sun.

The primary way harmful UV rays damage valuable furniture and design is through bleaching and discolouration.

The bleaching process is irreversible and will turn the most colourful materials into washed-out unappealing tones.

Our clients had different kinds of protective needs in certain areas of their home.

We installed our lightest non-reflective dark film tint in our clients living room and kitchen as this was all that was required to keep 99% of harmful UV rays out of their home.

As the bedrooms needed some additional privacy, we opted for the medium shade to give that extra security.

Through investing in our services, our clients could continue to renovate their home, knowing our tint would keep their home’s interior untouched by the sun.

Although the UV rays stayed out, natural light still came in to create a beautifully lit space using non-artificial sources.

Our team was delighted to give our clients an investment that would continue returns for the value of their whole home backed with a lifetime warranty.

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