There is never a week without challenges being a landlord.

Attempting to balance all the responsibilities means continuously thinking of new solutions.

We at Alpha Tint pride ourselves on being able to help our clients remove hassles from their lives for good.

For our client in Mooloolaba, Queensland, we helped solve a continual heat and lighting problem for their tenant, which had lingered for a while.

When renting, you don’t want to spend high amounts on electricity costs to maintain a comfortable environment to enjoy.

In hot states such as Queensland, this causes a continual yearly problem for many people.

As a landlord, you also want your tenant to feel comfortable in your home and be assured that it is a reliable, trustworthy option.

While electricity prices change and appliances fail, tint always prevails.

We installed a medium shade non-reflective black tint in our client’s property to the entire house.

Choosing the right shade of tint is also very important to ensure maximisation of light, heat reduction and privacy coverage.

The medium shade was the perfect depth to ensure glare and heat are reflected whilst the cool temperatures are inside.

Unlike shutters or curtains, which quickly gather dust, tint performs all year round without any maintenance from landlord or tenant.

It was great to provide a permanent solution for our client and their tenant for the temperature control of the property.

Our lifetime warranty means all parties can live in less stress knowing we have their tinting needs sorted.

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