If we could all live more comfortably, with less expense and stress, that would always be the ideal scenario.

Technology has adapted our lives in brilliant ways, allowing us to live with more ease and simplicity.

At Alpha Tint, we believe in the revolutionary power of tinting, and our clients know the secret too.

For our client in Wynnum, our tinting services were the first thing on their mind to complete upon moving into their new home.

The dual-purpose quality of window tinting allows it to help you in your home’s lighting, privacy, temperature, and design aspects.

Unlike sorting through various materials and options for blinds or curtains, tinting is easy to choose when selecting the perfect shade for your home.

The clean, minimalistic appearance of a window tint blends into the architecture of every property and is always an effortless addition.

On our client’s Wynnum home, we installed a medium shade reflective nano-ceramic tint for the second level of their property.

The medium shade was the perfect installation to meet heat and glare reduction and provide visible privacy from the road and street into the bedrooms.

Our experts noticed that the lower level would benefit from the lighter tint, though, as the distance and angle between lower rooms and the street weren’t as direct.

Lighter tint installation downstairs meant our client could enjoy higher natural lighting where it worked with the properties needs.

As our clients called us as soon as they moved into their new home, they saved on electricity costs from the start to rely on tinting for natural temperature regulation.

Our clients also saved themselves the hassle of thinking about glare reduction and privacy solutions with our all-purpose tint.

We are always so excited to help our clients with our services’ simplicity and beauty, knowing the powerful impact tinting renovations has on a property.

Our lifetime warranty also means a lifetime of simplicity, comfort and living style.

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