One of the best benefits of using tinting is serving more than one need for our clients.

Often cost saving is a primary consideration when renovating or improving a business space.

Our clients in Holland Park, South Brisbane, came to us to achieve two objectives of improving both the look and privacy of their newly bought business front.

We were able to help them achieve the desired look of their shop by improving on what was already available.

The previous owners had installed signage on the front windows of the shop. Unfortunately, the signage had left a residue that was extremely hard to remove by other purposes.

Additionally, our clients were also thinking of using the existing window frames into a cohesive look for their customers.

Using the darkest, non-reflective black film, we were able to unify the sliding door and window frames to the tint on the glass.

This combination provided a very attractive contemporary look that elevated the existing dynamics of the shop properties.

By installing this darker film, we also overrode the damage made by the previous owners.

The tint’s dual-purpose saved our clients a considerable amount that might’ve needed to be spent on replacing the entire glass unit.

We thoroughly enjoy helping businesses meet different needs through our product.

As our client was situated next to a very high-traffic café, they needed the privacy that tint provides to perform their best.

We were thrilled with the result of helping our clients feel most confident in their new shop front through our services.

Our lifetime warranty means that they will always feel secure and look their best with us.

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