Many people aren’t aware of the power of tinting in helping improve both the privacy and lighting for businesses and homes.

We met with our clients in Daisy Hill, Logan, to help them achieve their home and business potentials through our service.

Our clients had recently bought off a previous owner who had used the downstairs vicinity for their business.

The previous owners had faced the challenge of maintaining privacy in the building while also letting in natural sunlight during the day.

Curtains or blinds weren’t an option as this reduces a substantial amount of natural light, affecting the feel of the business for customers.

Draw-boards were used to cover the external lower facing sliding doors and windows to enable privacy and shelter for the sun for this business.

But luckily for our clients, they were aware of how our tinting services could prevent them from making the same mistake.

We installed our dual-reflective nano-ceramic tint on both the upstairs and downstairs of the building.

Our dual-reflective tint was the perfect ratio from all angles along the street to prevent high-volume privacy invasion during the day.

One of the best things about the dual-purpose tint is that it can be used for both doors and windows.

Our clients didn’t need to worry about whether the tint would be damaged overtime on the sliding doors.

Although our clients were utilising the building for home business and residential purposes, we gave them a cohesive, clean look to a previously aged building.

The lifetime warranty and dual-purpose means they can relax all year round and focus on what really matters for them.

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