The excitement of moving into a new home can be met with the stress of needing to look after and maintain the investment.

We were able to help our clients in Bulimba, Brisbane, protect their interior design from harmful UV rays through the power of tinting.

When we spoke with our clients, they expressed they mainly needed tinting to help cool their kitchen from the afternoon sun.

The installed kitchen back-splash window was already a concern for them during certain warm times of the day.

Our dual-reflective tint keeps the warmth out during summer and maintains the desired temperature indoors on any occasion.

After coming to the property and inspecting their design, we noticed that over time, without tinting, harmful UV rays would damage their stone kitchen benchtops through sun exposure.

Often homeowners will be unaware of the damage the sun can do to the home’s interior.

UV damage can cost a lot of money over time when the appearance of expensive surfaces and materials begins to degrade.

This can be even more costly for kitchens as daily use naturally wears away surfaces.

Through our installation, they started using their new kitchen in comfort without the intense heat.

We were delighted to help our clients gain further relaxation in their new home and maintain the beauty of their investment for years to come.

The lifetime warranty on our tinting also means that they can rely on us always to be there no matter the weather.

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