Sometimes for new homeowners, you don’t quite know what the house’s privacy will be until you move in.

Our clients in Bowen Hills gave us a call as soon as they had discovered they needed some help.

Their beautiful two-story house provided excellent views, but the master bedroom was directly visible from the street.

When we help our clients, we make it our priority to be exact in what shade and material are needed to allow maximum privacy with the highest natural lighting.

We used our medium shade tinting for them, which perfectly matched privacy needs with lighting desires.

The reflective mirror quality of the tint means security is guaranteed during all times of the day.

Because of our experience in tinting and home improvement, we can help our clients in more ways than just the initial concern.

Our clients moved into their home in mid-Spring, which meant the cool winter mornings weren’t on their minds yet.

With such a beautiful open front-facing bedroom window, winter was sure to be a problem in the early hours of the morning.

We purposively helped them choose the dual-reflective film as it very efficiently keeps in the warmth during winter.

This quality means less effort and electricity trying to keep warm during those months.

We enjoyed working with our new homeowner clients to help them maximise the enjoyability of their new home.

Our lifetime warranty also means this protection will always be with them.

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