Over time, our experts have seen many methods of keeping the harsh summer sun out while maintaining privacy in homes.

For our clients in Bulimba, South Brisbane, we had to use our expertise in tinting and previous product removal to help achieve the desired result.

Our clients had recently bought a new townhouse anticipating completing some renovations.

We are delighted when our customers find us and realise how much they can save on home improvements through the simple addition of a window tint.

Not only can we help save through electricity and design costs, but we also remove previous damage as part of the package.

Our client’s townhouse had a wide back-splash kitchen window which allowed a large amount of natural light through but consequently meant their neighbours could see into their daily activities.

The previous owners had decided to opt for one end of the deal and have privacy over light. Fortunately for our clients, they didn’t have to make the same sacrifice.

After consultation, we helped them choose a frosted window tint to maximise privacy and natural lighting.

Because their townhouse was so closely situated to their neighbours, we needed a more robust solution to maintain their privacy.

Frosted window tinting is perfect for areas that aren’t directly seen at the front of the house but where you want optimum light and coverage.

We also went with this option as it meant they had privacy both day and night, which would be a concern for them living close to other people.

Our installation means no matter the time; their privacy is secured.

It was a pleasure working with our client and improving such a lovely home in a way that wasn’t able to be achieved previously.

As with all our work, our client knows they are protected with a lifetime warranty without having to consider these troubles again.

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