We have all been in a situation where we knew our home space needed some improvement but weren’t sure what needed to be done.

It can be difficult to identify what might be causing your home not to feel as good as you would imagine it to be.

Some features we may think might be unchangeable, such as lighting when the weather outside is out of our control.

With window tinting, though, you can take back control of how you feel in your own home.

Our clients in Carindale came to us when they had come to the end of using their curtains.

Fabrics and window materials can be quite challenging to keep clean, especially when furry animals like spending time curled up by the window.

Over time, hair and dust get caught in them and create breathing health hazards.

For many busy people, washing the curtains just isn’t something you have the time to do during the week or month.

That valuable time cleaning could also be spent in other ways with your family on your days off.

We installed the darkest non-reflective black window tint for our clients on their living, entry, and office areas.

Our installation was a lifesaver for our clients, with the office facing easterly and getting the hot summer sun first thing in the morning.

Their office also didn’t have air-conditioning, which meant we helped them save on spending additional money for home cooling.

The removal of the previous curtains was also a highlight for our clients as it allowed their home to look more elevated.

We further helped them choose the right tint shade to match their window skirting and framing to create a clean, modern look.

Not only was their home looking brand new from the outside, but also clean and vibrant from within.

Backed with our lifetime warranty, our clients will never have to return to curtains again.

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