Every business has different needs for its company and employees.

Some operate more heavily on foot traffic, whilst others need a greater level of privacy from the public.

Our clients in Wynnum approached us when they needed a comprehensive solution to create the perfect office space to perform their best.

The building they had just moved into had large sliding doors on the entry, which allowed a lot of unwanted visibility into the space.

When speaking with customers, privacy is essential and can make both the employees and customers feel more comfortable.

After hearing these concerns, our team headed out to find the perfect matched tint for their needs.

Because the office was so close to nearby traffic and businesses, we helped our client choose the darkest non-reflective black film to give that superior privacy protection.

Our darkest film performs the best in very high-security concern areas where many people may walk past and see into the premise.

The benefit of tinting over blinds or curtains is that it always allows natural light through, even in the darkest of shades.

Without compromise, our customers never have to choose between privacy or enjoying a naturally lit workspace.

Not only were onlookers a problem for the business, but also the glaring morning sun.

Our installation gave our clients insurance against all outside disturbance, so they may work in comfort without worrying about that stress.

Covered by warranty, their business will look and feel their best no matter what new challenge may arise.

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