When understanding the privacy and lighting needs of a home, no one space is the same.

Different areas often need catering to maximise the area’s utility in allowing as much light in without unwanted privacy invasion.

Working with our client in Coomera, Gold Coast, we spent time navigating the needs of the different areas of their home.

When using blinds or curtains, their appearance can change depending on where in the house they are used.

The same blinds or shutters often don’t suit the whole property and give it a bland exterior.

Including curtains or blinds often alters the whole appeal of the home, which isn’t desired but might be thought necessary to combat privacy and lighting issues.

Our tinting services provide a solution for these needs.

The mirroring properties of the tint blend into the property’s natural architecture without altering its natural charm.

We performed our darkest tint on the front of the house for our client to give that extra privacy from close pedestrian activity.

We installed a medium tint on the back perimeter to balance this with the rest of the home to create a layered, dimensional lighting experience.

Our tinting balance allowed a greater coherence of light to flow through the house whilst maintaining a clean, unified exterior.

Through our multi-layered install, maximum privacy was granted inside without feeling shut-off to the outside world.

As our client lived in such a beautiful but busy area, this was a dream to achieve.

Although quite simple, the effectiveness of balancing tinting in a home can enhance the overall beauty of the property naturally.

It was inspiring to work with our clients and achieve these results guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.

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