Our team at Alpha Tint is always looking for ways to help our customers achieve their living dreams.

We will sometimes speak with our customers about one concern they may have and come up with even more solutions for other problems.

For our clients in Pimpama, we began with increasing privacy and achieved heat reduction for the whole property.

With a street-facing master bedroom, privacy concerns were top of our clients’ list.

After speaking with a friend of theirs, they realised how window tinting could prevent others from looking into their rooms and windows.

Previously, they had installed blinds but realised that it keeps unwanted invasion out while also keeping the heat in.

Often what occurs is that the blind will act as an additional blanket over the house, keeping all the warmth inside and making it highly uncomfortable to live.

We performed a medium dual-reflective nano-ceramic tint on our client’s home to instead provide a forcefield on the windows, which rebounds unwanted heat and glare.

Unlike blinds, our tint repels harmful UV rays and damaging heat away from your home to keep only comfort and coolness within.

Because tinting is highly customisable, we targeted other problem areas, including the laundry and additional bedroom, to ensure heat and privacy protection where it is needed most.

Our client felt that they had achieved more than what was thought possible through our services which was a highlight for us.

A lifetime warranty also means a lifetime of privacy and heat protection guaranteed.

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