Unfortunately, beautifully designed investment homes can keep costs rising through increased electricity bills to keep the indoors cool.

That is where window tinting can be a game-changer.

Bribie Island is a glorious location in Queensland with fantastic views of sand and water, but also a lot of burning sun.

We helped our clients in Bribie Island upgrade their investment home to the next level, not only to look exquisite but also naturally cool.

Their property held fantastic floor-length windows, which allowed for great natural lighting, but also meant the sun was warming their house from all angles.

We installed our medium-shade black film throughout the whole property to provide a protective layer against the sun during all times of the day.

The medium shade tint was the perfect choice for their home as it blocks sun and glare whilst also letting in the natural lighting.

Not only does our tint block the sun’s heat, but also harmful UV rays too.

The dual-purpose utility of our tint acts against potential UV damage both inside and outside your home.

Our clients enjoyed 99% UV light protection on their expensive furniture and interior design through our installation, which was previously at risk.

Window tinting doesn’t only just protect your home and valuables but also the people that mean the most to you.

Because our client’s home overlooks a canal, there was direct visibility into the living room area and where their children played.

Our window tint installation meant their family could relax and play in comfort and privacy without having to block the fantastic views from their home.

The team at Alpha Tint immensely enjoyed working with our clients on their investment home to turn it into its highest potential.

With a lifetime warranty, we are always there to protect their family.

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