It can be tricky for first homeowners to find the right solutions to new property challenges.

Without a lot of experience in home improvement, it can be tough to know what the right thing is to buy and where you should spend your money.

For our clients in Hope Island, Gold Coast, we took all their stress away through the power of our tinting services.

Living in a townhouse can bring up some new challenges if you haven’t had to think before about living closely with unknown people.

When inspecting the property, you often aren’t given the time to think about how windows may affect your living comfort due to direct visibility.

Once our clients had moved into their new home, they realised they needed some added protection in their master bedroom to secure their privacy.

With a set of townhouses directly in front of them, they opted to install blinds without realising the cost of doing so.

Whilst blinds will give you privacy; they will also block out all-natural lighting whilst keeping in the heat from the morning or afternoon sun.

Comparatively, our tint outperforms the blinds in all regards allowing natural light through whilst also keeping the bedroom cool with that protective coating.

We installed the darkest shade of black film for our clients to give them that extra level of coverage from outside onlookers.

Waking up in the morning no longer meant sticky, stuffy discomfort but the freedom of privacy and relaxation.

We were delighted to help our clients achieve this outcome using our services to create the standard of living they were after.

And with our lifetime warranty, they know they have found at least one permanent solution to privacy, lighting, and heating needs.

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